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The best outdoor lights will transform your garden into a stylish and unique personal space that makes your home stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re looking to add extra lighting for better visibility after dark, or something purely decorative; there is a range of options available to suit all styles and budgets, but the choice can feel overwhelming… that’s where our round-up comes in.

When picking the best outdoor lights for your garden or home exterior, it’s important to think about the power source you intend to use. If you are thinking about lighting up the bottom of the garden, you’ll likely want to opt for solar-powered lights to avoid trailing cables up the side of the fence boundaries.

However, if you are considering fitting lighting to the external walls of your home, you may well be able to consider mains powered lighting, just be sure to get an electrician to help wire your lights in to avoid any DIY disasters.

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Once you know your power source, it’s pretty much a case of working out the best light for your needs. If you are looking for a light or lamp that will illuminate a dark driveway upon your arrival home, a wall mounted lantern or freestanding post lamp will provide a wide and strong glow.

If it’s something more decorative you’re after to brighten up the garden for a party or event, white fairy lights or string lights are a great addition and can be kept up all year around.

Spike lights are also a great choice for pitching in the garden to illuminate ponds, statues or to highlight pathways, although, many of these lights are solar powered so you’ll need to ensure your garden gets at least some sunlight during the day in order to put a full charge in these lights to see you through the night.

Before purchasing any kind of outdoor lights, be sure to check they are suitably weatherproof and waterproof according to the area you plan to use them and remember that pond lighting requires very different waterproofing to decorative garden lighting.

We’ve rounded up our pick of the best outdoor lights that will look great in any garden. There’s a mixture of lighting types to suit all styles and prices to suit all budgets.


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