Solar LED Flood Light

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If you’re worried that floodlights might spike up your electricity bill, Hyperion makes sure that their flood light will save 76% of your money by replacing the 125W to 30W. It also has a lot of different features that will make you love this even more. For these features, the floodlight will come a bit pricey but it’s going to be worth the spending.

This flood light is designed to be installed easily and hassle-free. You can hang this wherever you want and just plug it to turn it on. It has built-in motion or dusk-to-dawn sensors that will easily sense light levels and motion range of 150 degrees, up to 50 feet. This flood light has a long life with up to 21 years of use, with an average of 6 hours a day; that’s about 45, 000 hours. You don’t have to bother changing the bulbs for this light. Its IP65 waterproof rating will assure you that this flood light can withstand strong weather conditions. Whether it’s strong rains, sleet, or snow, your flood light will survive.

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