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NTPC Kaniha installed Solar Street Light in peripheral villages Leave a comment

Talcher: NTPC Talcher Kaniha under CSR has installed 36 nos. solar street lights in around 13 nearby villages. The 13 villagers are Bijigol , Bhimkand,Derang,Rangabeda,Gadasila,Karadei,Kateni,Patharmunda,Kaniha ,Takua ,Sarathipal,Tolakbeda & MGR line villages(Sivrampur,Newbalanda,Dandasingha,Jagunathpur,Rutubhuin & Gurung).

As a part of encouraging the use of renewable energy in providing power to the local villagers through solar light, the solar street lights will be helpful to villagers to get uninterrupted power during night time.Around 22,250 villagers of Kaniha block would get benefited from this initiative.

In addition recently, NTPC Talcher Kaniha in association with TERI (The Energy Research Institute) has provided forced-draft improved cook stove (ICS), 2 light points and one mobile charging point to 280 households in villages located in and around Satkosia Tiger Reserve, Angul under IDES (Integrated Domestic Energy System).The power is supplied through roof top solar panels installed in each house of the residents.
As a result of this lesser money spent on fuel due to lesser dependence on fuelwood and lesser time spent on the collection of fuel wood and encourages a sense of security in venturing out of home after the sun. It also leads to less vulnerability to health problems, houses remaining clean & tidy, ease of studying in the evening etc.


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