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Photometric Test Box is Covered with Solar Cells Leave a comment

Designed to measure LED luminaires, the FluxGage from Ophir Photonics removes some of the drawbacks of integrating spheres typically used for measuring the flux and color of LED lights.

Measuring 775x564x228mm, the instrument can take luminaires up to 610X450mm in size and provides the same functionality as a 3-meter integrating sphere.

The FluxGage features detection surfaces which absorb and detect light, eliminating reflections and hence allowing the instrument to be the size of the device under test (instead of at least three times the size of an integrating sphere). FluxGage can be rectangular and only needs to be calibrated once since absorption of the DUT itself does not need to be taken into account.

The FluxGage detection surface is made of solar panels to detect light, a sheet diffuser to make the panels insensitive of angle and a dense array of pinholes printed with black ink over the diffuser to minimize reflection. This photometric test box combines a photodiode to measure flicker and a spectrometer for color parameters (CCT, CRI, Duv, chromaticity) in just about two seconds.


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