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Use the Power of the sun to Charge your Gadgets with this Ultra thin Solar Charger Leave a comment

Paying your electric bill every month is a real drag when you can get as much power as you want from the sun – for free. Ok, it’s not totally free because you need a solar panel to collect the power and they aren’t free. But if you are interested in going green, consider starting out with a small solar charger like Solar Paper from Yolk Station.

No, the Yolk Solar Paper doesn’t use eggs or chickens and it’s not made from paper. Solar Paper is a thin lightweight dual solar panel that will charge all of your USB gadgets.

It’s 3.5 x 7.5 x .43 inches when it’s folded and outputs 5V, 500mA per panel. Need more power? No problem, you can add additional solar panels which connect to the array using magnets.


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